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Sponsored Events & Riders

Jay Wallwork

1) I race Triathlon in the Under 23's

2) Favourite brand of race bike would have to be Merida Reacto DA limited

3) At the age of 12 I started Triathlon as my dad was into Tri. My first race was the Weet-Bix triathlon where I was half the size of the other kids that were racing

4) I started racing competitively straight after the Weet-Bix triathlon as I realised I didn’t just want race I wanted to win!!

5) I love Bike Barn as the guys are always friendly and helpful and they always have a good deal on some great gear

6) The best riding moment so far for me would be when I was 13 years old and I rode the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge with my dad - even though it hurt a lot I made it to the finish!

7) I find the time trials hardest because there is no hiding or sitting in - it's just you and your bike and the road, pushing as hard as you can

8) My inspiration has come from dad racing Iron-Man and watching guys like Cameron Brown and ITU triathletes such as Bevan Docherty

9) My favourite place to race in is Kinloch, I just really like the set up and the atmosphere there

10) I train in and around Pakuranga, Auckland with my little brother and other training partners

11) To me the support means a lot as I am only working part time and mum and dad are getting me along at the moment.

12) The greatest achievement in the sport is qualifying for the worlds in Canada and being able to race overseas

13) Outside of triathlon I love going for a surf

14) Favourite meal is a good BBQ

15) My favourite artist is Jack Johnson

16) If i could meet anyone in the world it would be Kelly Slater

Sam Clark

I predominantly race Multisport, Tri and Adventure Races and occasional elite level Mountain Biking and Road Races.

Favourite brand of bike aside from Merida, I’m a fan of Luxury brands Colnago and Litespeed

I have been racing in one form or another since primary school; Triathlon and club cycling. I come from a very active family and I used to ride to and from school by bike (11km each way) to get home in time to watch Spongebob. So you could say Spongebob was my motivation to start cycling

I like the way that Bike Barn has made top quality bikes accessible to everyday people. More people on bikes, more often can only be good for NZ.

My most memorable cycling moment was riding through Christchurch on my way to winning the 2009 2-day Coast to Coast. I had a police escort and there were hundreds of people cheering me on; It was my first moment that I felt I could have a real future in sport.

Getting out and training can take a lot of your mental energy, especially during bad weather. That can mean you don’t have much energy leftover to do housework, laundry and other necessities. So the hardest part about riding is finding the energy to doing the laundry and washing up afterwards.

I find inspiration from a lot of sources; from my heroes, rivals and top athletes from around the world and throughout history. If someone can do it, then it is possible to do it - and if it is possible, you can do it too.

Being an (almost) full time athlete means I get to travel around a lot and race in many different places. I enjoy racing in China because you're guaranteed to have an interesting experience; it may not necessarily be good, but it will most certainly be interesting.

I do most of my training around my home town, Whakatane. There are lots of great places to ride, and we have the highest sunshine hours in NZ which means fewer days riding in the rain.

I couldn't do what I do without my family and friends, they give a lot to help me achieve my goals. It takes a team to make the dream.

I feel as though my runner-up placing in this year’s Coast to Coast is my most important result to date. It was by the narrowest of margins and it will be a good springboard to future success over the next 12 months.

The nature of my chosen sport means I have to train for several disciplines in order to be competitive. Riding, running, kayaking and swimming so there's not a huge amount of time left to pursue other sports. I do enjoy Yoga though, it’s is a form of self-defence:

it helps you not beat yourself up

Poached eggs on toast is my favourite meal: Good home grown eggs, slightly runny with fresh cracked pepper and chunky rock salt. Served on lightly buttered Vogels toast. - Simple and delicious.

My taste in music is wide and eclectic. While riding I might listen to Metallica, ZZtop. Ice Cube or the Ramones. It is too difficult to pick favourites

If I could meet anyone in the world it would be Bill Murray

Luke Cornille

I race multi sport events, my main race is the coast to coast.
My favourite bike is the Merida warp.
I did road cycling since I was 13, I started when I was at high school. I then rowed from when I was 19 until I was 26. Decided to give multi sport a go after that.
I like bike barn because they always have the latest technology and a great range of gear.
My best moment cycling so far would be setting the 7th fastest time in the final 70km time trial leg in the coast to coast 2014.
The most difficult part of cycling I find is backing up a hard bike leg straight after a hard run.
I find my inspiration by visualising races during training and always knowing in my head that while I am training It is helping towards the overall goal.
My favourite place to race would have to be in Canterbury for the coast to coast.
I train mostly around the Waikato but do the odd training session on the coast to coast tracks through Canterbury.
The support of my family and friends Is hugely important. They are my support crew for my multi sport races, setting up my transitions along the way, which is a massive aspect of the race.
My greatest achievement would have to be placing 15th in the open men in the coast to coast 2015. I was disappointed with the result as I had a bad run leg, falling out of the top 30 but am proud of my efforts to crawl my way back to a decent final result.
Outside of riding I also enjoy playing the odd round of golf and fishing with family and friends.
My favourite meal would have to be beef nachos.
If I was to meet anyone in the world it would have to be eddy Merckx. It would be interesting to hear his comparisons of road cycling from the early days to now.