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Bike Buyers Guide

What is the right bike for me?

With so many different types and styles of bicycle out there, you may not know what suits you best. I personally like to have one of each but if that's not your jam, this is a brief guide to help you choose the right type of bike for your style of riding.

Road Bikes

Our road bikes are mean street machines, built for speed with slick skinny tires. They usually feature aluminum or carbon fiber frames to cut down on weight. The frames and parts on the bike are also designed to absorb some of the roughness of the tarmac – letting you ride faster and further. This is the ideal bike for weekend road riders, commuters or anyone looking to get fit.

When buying a road bike, you should make sure you get the right size bike – this link should help you out, BIKE SIZE GUIDE. This will make the bike much more comfortable and efficient to ride. This type of bike is not suited for riding off road at all!

Mountain Bikes

MTB’s have exploded in popularity over the past twenty years. These bikes have wide tires, usually with knobby treads and a strong frame, and are designed to handle the rugged trails without disintegrating. With wide handlebars, disc brakes (on some models) and suspension forks these bikes are slower on the road, more suited to blazing through the trails on some of your favorite outdoor tracks.

Depending on your skill level and budget, some mountain bikes are ready to take off! Literally!

Hybrid bikes

Hybrids are a compromise between road and mountain bikes and offer the best features of both if most of your riding will be on smooth tarmac. With slicker tires and larger circumference wheels, these bikes are perfect commuter or tourist bikes, very easy to ride and feature the upright seat and handlebar position that make for a comfortable trip. Hybrids are a good choice for most city riding or smooth trails, and offer speed, durability and comfort.


Cruiser bikes are your perfect choice for beach-front cruising, with wide seats, upright handlebars and sometimes even just a single gear. These are the bikes that you’ll often see at the beach. Simpler mechanically, they are easy to maintain but work best with flat terrain and a rider whose main interest is more about being comfortable and cruising rather than going fast.


BMX bikes are for the inner daredevil amongst us. With no gears and small 20’ inch wheels, these street style bikes are designed for the skate park and trick riding only. They are great fun to ride and learn new moves on, but quite impractical to ride long distances or off-roading.

Kids Bikes

We have plenty of kids' bikes on offer, whether your child is just learning or is in need of an upgrade or bigger bike.If your boy or girl is looking to be the next Sarah Walker and race BMX, then a junior BMX is the best way to go. We also have smaller versions of our adults mountain bikes, so you can try and keep up with them on the trails.

Whatever the budget and whatever the style. Check out the sizing guide and get the bike your child wants today! Or check out our handy video clip

Understanding Bike Frame Materials

The basic bike frame was historically made from tough, durable Hi-Tensile or Chromoly steel, but it is commonly being replaced by the lighter, stiffer aluminum frames. High-end bikes can be made from the extremely light but strong-as-steel titanium, and many high-end road bikes are currently being made from Carbon Fiber, which is made from fibers bound together with glue, then stacked together to form a strong, multi-ply material (think of toilet paper ply) that is tough but brittle.

Smart Shopping for Bikes

Once you’ve figured out the best style of bike for you, it’s time to start shopping. Here are tips to help you out

  • Test ride a friends bike!

When you know the right style of bike for you, to make double sure that you're making the right choice, borrow a bike from a friend and try it out. Be sure to go on a ride longer than a lap around the parking lot, too. Twenty minutes should be enough to know if you are comfortable with the way you sit on a particular type of bike, and if the pace is right for you, or if it will be something that ultimately disappoints you.

  • Get the Right Bike for You

Whether you ride a mountain bike, a road bike or a touring bike, bike to work or just for fun, at Bike Barn we’ll make sure you get the right bike for you, at a price that suits your budget. Where and when you intend to ride, your cycling goals and any special health or physical needs you have are all important factors that we consider when we recommend the bike for you. For the Bike Barn size guide click here.