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Nutrition Guide

Basic Training Ride

This ride is just a bit longer than the 2 hour limit that can lead to "hitting the wall" (the condition when an athlete suddenly loses energy and becomes fatigued), so snacking on the bike is a must. As the intensity increases, it is very important to avoid eating in the 4 hour pre-ride interval to avoid GI (glucose) distress.

  • 4 days prior - balanced diet with 60-70% Calories from carbohydrates; at least 600 grams of carbs the day prior to the ride
  • 4 hours prior - if the intensity is moderate, eating during this interval is OK; avoid excessively fatty foods and try to eat 2 hours before the ride
  • 4 minutes prior - nothing special
  • During the ride - start eating regular snacks, energy gels, or sports drinks at the beginning of the ride to replace the estimated Calories burned per hour
  • Post ride - a post ride carbohydrate snack, particularly in the 10 to 15 minutes immediately afterwards, will take advantage of the window of maximum glycogen resynthesis and may cut down on muscle soreness
  • Fluids - one water bottle per hour, perhaps a bit more in hot weather